best cell phone under 100 $


Buying a cheap smart phone is not complicated. The problems arise when you try to decide on the best option. The best smart phones experience the problems like the hardware, and the design is different from model to model.  We have created this post considering the best hardware and design which fits your requirements of best smart phones under 100 $.




Features to be considered in the best smart phones under 100 $.


There are a few characteristics to consider when you want to purchase cheap smart phones under 100$ that are described as follows.




The processor has an important role in how the phone performs. There are a few options which are easy to work with and they often include processors such as the Quad-Core Snapdragon. Together with the processor, the RAM memory becomes important as well for determining the cost of smart phones. From 2GB to 4GB, you can find the options which suit your needs.




In today’s world, the camera is at least as important as the processor. Since people tend to leave compact cameras in favor of their smartphone cameras, it is no wonder that they are so important when choosing a phone. Video quality is important as well so make sure you make the best unlocked smart phones under 100$.


Dual vs. single SIM


Many budget smartphones come with dual SIM capacity. Even these designs can work on a single SIM. But if you want to replace multiple phones, it is often worth looking at the various phones options which come with dual SIM capacity. Together with good WiFi capabilities, these phones can replace multiple devices. When trying to make an informed decision, you can choose the solution which is right for your budget.


Cheap smart phones under 100 $


1. Samsung Galaxy J3

best cell phone under 100 $,Samsung Galaxy J3

With a 5” screen and proven Samsung reliability, the phone is one of the affordable solutions.


Things we like


  • 4G connectivity
  • GPS capabilities
  • MicroSD memory card
  • 5-in HD screen


Things we don’t like


  • The camera can be improved



Design features


With a 5” screen, the smartphone is not too large but it is still on point with what you can get on the market at this moment. It is not as refined as some of the flagship phones but it offers a good return on investment. At the same time, it is one of the unlocked smart phones under 100 $ which have made a name for themselves, which is quite rare. As Samsung tries to dominate both higher-end and affordable phone markets, the J series has been one of the favorites of different carries and they are often recommended as a first Android phone.


Convenient features


With 16GB of internal storage, the phone offers a lot of memory for your favorite moments. You can save plenty of photos and videos but you can also make the most of your experience when it comes to installing apps, which is why you would prefer Android in the first place. With a MicroSD card, this memory can be improved even further. One of the advantages of the J series is that they come with these types of cards which can even go as far as 256GB.


The phone comes with a decent 5MP camera. While it is far from the best camera seen from Samsung, it can be a reliable solution for many people. With GPS and WiFi capabilities, the phone is reliable even as a daily driver. It still represents a top choice in a niche crowded with unreliable phones.




The J3 offers 4G connectivity, GPS tracking and a memory storage which is hard to match.



2. Nokia 2

Best cell phone under 100 $,nokia 2

Running Android Nougat, the Nokia 2 is one of the phones which look apart, even with an affordable price.


Things we like


  • Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • Battery lasts up to two days
  • Great camera image quality
  • Great for browsing and games
  • LCD screen


Things we don’t  like


  • Not fast with the latest apps




Design features


Made with an elegant aluminum frame, the phone looks more expensive than it really is. The refined look is part of Nokia’s efforts to redeem its name, at least in the affordable phones market. It is powered by the Snapdragon Qualcomm processor and it offers a responsive solution for those seeking to purchase their first or a new Android phone. The clean design is also similar to the software. Android Nougat has been praised by many users. Even more, the design allows for a 4.100mAh battery to be installed in the phone and it allows you the experience you need to fully enjoy the phone for up to two days.


Convenient features


One of the convenient features of the phone comes with the polished 8MP camera. In good lighting, it offers reliable pictures and it can be comparable to a certain degree with higher-end cameras with more megapixels.

Another convenient feature is the clear display. The 5” LCD screen is comfortable for browsing or playing games. Furthermore, it doesn’t drain the battery fast as some of the phones in this price range and it allows the phone to have a balanced performance.




With Gorilla glass and sculpted polycarbonate, the phone is among the leading options if you value elegant designs which make it eligible to be in the list of best smart phone under 100$.


3. Moto E (4th Generation)

moto e, best smart phone under 100 $

With 4G LTE, a 1.4Ghz processor and a 5mp camera, the phone are among the recommended options when it comes on cheap smartphones under 100$.


Things we like


  • Front and rear-facing cameras
  • Android 7.1 Nougat
  • 4G capable
  • Fingerprint sensor


Things we don’t like


  • Lags in some apps



Design features


With an elegant design, the phone is up to date when it comes to the looks of a budget solution. Moto fans can also welcome the 5inch display which is among the solutions of the unlocked smartphone under 100 $, to be considered in this class for general activities such as browsing or watching videos.


Convenient features


But the design is not the only strong point of the smartphone. Packed with features such as 4G capabilities, a fingerprint sensor and 16GB of internal storage, the phone is truly capable when compared to similar options of the cheap smartphones under 100 $. In many cases, it also represents one of the interesting options when it comes to multimedia. With a 5mp front-facing camera and an 8mp rear-facing camera, it is on point with what you can expect from this range, without standing out in terms of photo quality.


The Android 7.1 Nougat device comes with 2GB of Ram which might not be the best but it can certainly come with its pluses in terms of memory capabilities. It is why it can be upgraded up to 128GB of internal storage with its MicroSD compatibility.


As an everyday smartphone, it can be a solution to consider. It works well for web-based apps such as social media apps. For this purpose, it is capable to deliver good pictures as well. Most importantly, it is a smart device and it can be the gateway to the hundreds of thousands of apps it supports.



As a well-rounded device, the smartphone is among the most interesting solutions for the average user looking for the best smart phones under 100$.



4. LG Sunset L33L

LG sunset l33l, best smart phone under 100 $

As one of the smaller phones in the class, the device can be considered as a solution for added battery life which falls under unlocked smartphones under 100 $.


Things we like


  • 4G capabilities
  • Gesture control
  • 8GB internal storage
  • Compact size


Things we don’t like


  • Not the best cameras


Design features


With a 4.5in display, the phone is smaller than most of its rivals in its price range. At the same time, it is also one of the best smartphones under 100 $ on the market. It doesn’t require a major investment and for what it offers, it can be a fairly priced solution.


Made with a simple and efficient design, it is dominated by a simple screen and the plastic back design. On the back, you will also find its 5mp camera which is not exactly up to date with what you see on the market today. But other characteristics make it a solution which can be considered by many users.


Convenient features


With 4G capabilities, it can be a recommended smartphone when you need quality phone calls and the ability to browse the web from time to time. It is not necessarily a solution for the multimedia enthusiast but it can be one of the options to consider when it comes to storage of apps. For this purpose, it comes with 8GB of internal storage which is enough for most users who are not going to need too much from such a device anyway.


But even in this price range, it still comes with some advanced functionalities which might make it more appealing, such as the gesture control. For example, you can take selfies with the front camera using gestures. Geotagging functions are available for photos and videos. FM radio is also available if you want to listen to your local station on your headphones.




As a phone designed to fit the cheap smartphone under 100 $, it does its job well. Outdated features include the screen and the cameras.


5. LG Revolution 4G

LG Revolution 4G, best smart phone under 100$

With up to 7 hours of talk time, the device can represent an interesting second phone for many users that falls on the unlocked smartphones under 100 $.


Things we like


  • Up to 14 days in standby
  • 16GB internal storage capacity
  • 4G-enabled
  • WiFi connectivity
  • GPS navigation


Things we don’t like


  • Both cameras are outdated

Design features


With a compact design which uses a screen of just 4.3 inches, the smartphone is a solution which can be easily carried with you as a second phone. Its older Android version makes it a solution if you want to talk or browse the web and maybe not the most recommended option when you are a fan of the latest apps.


With a minimalistic design, the phone also allows you to access the MicroSD memory card. The internal memory can be expanded up to 16GB which should be enough for its purpose.


Convenient features


The phone comes with functionalities such as 4G and GPS navigation. But its smaller screen also means that it is recommended by its battery life. If you can talk for up to 7 hours, you can also make the most of its impressive standby time. Left unused, the phone has a standby of up to 14 days. The cameras are limited and they include a 5mp version on the back which is not up to date anymore. However, the main appeal of the phone lies in its size and battery life.




As a second phone, it can be a device to consider, especially due to its impressive standby time.