highest megapixel camera phone

Every time you look for the best camera phone, you would go for the highest megapixel camera phone. It’s because mobile companies have been advertising by boosting the megapixel of the camera as the core factor behind the best picture. The more the megapixel of the camera has the better picture it can shoot. But the true scene is different than what we are told and made to believe in.

We are thus, here to break this stereotyped belief put on the mind of consumers regarding the best smartphone camera. After going through this article we hope you understand the core things responsible for making the DSLR quality camera phone.

But before getting into the nitty-gritty of the DSLR quality camera phone you should understand how the camera functions in the smartphone.

Nitty Gritty of how the camera of any smartphone functions?

How does a camera works, highest megapixel camera phone

While taking the photo at first pictures are captured by lenses and are directed into sensors. The pictures are then converted into electrical signals by the sensor which digitally assigns a colour to every pixel. At last, the picture is saved to the memory card.

Does the highest megapixel camera phone, really take the best quality picture, It is a myth or true facts?

mega pixel, highest megapixel camera phone

Megapixel only can tell the number of pixels used to make a photo. A megapixel contains one million pixels. Megapixel is the resolution of the sensors of the camera. Photos with more megapixel for sure to be larger in size but not of the best quality.

It shows the highest megapixel camera phone can shoot the picture which can be printed in large size.

Things that plays important roles in shooting the best quality pictures.

The quality of the camera is determined by the quality of the pictures it can shoot. Moreover, there are lots of factors which contribute to the quality of the photos the camera can shoot. Those factors include megapixel, pixel, image stabilization, post-processing techniques and many others.

The cell phone can take the best picture if there is the right combination of all these factors. It’s true that some of these factors have more contribution to make the best film but all of the factors are important to make the best smartphone camera.

With the advancement of technology and new inventions in every field, things are only getting better. We have therefore covered all of the factors which are responsible to create the best smartphone camera in this post as of now.

Roles of pixel size to make the best smartphone camera

pixel in highest megapixel camera phone

The most important roles are played by the pixel size on the sensors of the smartphone to shoot the best pictures. It’s the soul of the camera. It helps to determine the depth of field, low light performance, and size of the image on which it can be printed.

The surface of the sensor is divided into very small parts known as a pixel. Therefore for the certain sensor size, the more megapixel means there will be less area for every pixel.

Sensor converts view captured by the lens into the image.  Quality of the image depends upon the size of the pixels on the sensors.

The bigger the size of pixel more light enter in it thus recording more detailed images or videos.

The size and numbers of pixels used sets the size of sensors in the smartphones. Since the size of sensors is constant the mobile companies can only alter the size and numbers of pixels.

The more pixel the sensor has it is said to be more megapixel. It’s the main reason we notice pictures captured by 12 megapixels smartphone is better than the 24 megapixels camera phone.

Image stabilization for the Best Quality Camera

highest megapixel camera phone; image stabilization

Image stabilization is the techniques used to reduce blurring of image or video while shooting automatically. In many instances, we happen to move our phone while taking pictures or videos. While doing so the picture might be recorded blurring.

In order to reduce the risk and take perfect shoot every smartphone should have it if the case is you are looking highest megapixel camera. There are normally two kinds of image Image stabilization techniques used on smartphone i.e. Electronic Image Stabilization (or EIS) and Optical Image Stabilization (or OIS).

Electronic Image Stabilization

EIS is software-based image stabilization. It can be updated with software. In this type of stabilization xerox sensor capture movement of the object and takes a picture. It is cheap so it is used to make from the best budget phone camera to very expensive smartphone. EIS performs best while shooting a video.

Optical Image Stabilization (or OIS)

OIS is the hardware-based image stabilization. It is expensive as hardware is used to create the image stabilization environment. A floating lens is used to capture the image. This technique is used in very expensive phones like iPhone X. OIS is best for taking pictures even in the low light environment.

Hybrid Image Stabilization (HIM)

It is the combination of both OIS and EIS technique. In recent years many smartphones started using this technique. Since it uses both hardware and software image stabilization technique it can produce the best pictures. Pixel 2xl is the best example of the smartphone which is using HIM technique.

The Magic of Post-Processing Techniques

Post processing techniques, highest megapixel camera phone

The magic of producing best pictures from the smartphone lies more on its software than the hardware.

The post-processing techniques start after the image is taken by the camera and before it is saved in the memory card. After the image is taken it is saved as a raw file in the Image Signal Processor (ISP).

The software afterwards analyses colour, brightness, the contrast of the image and make necessary adjustments to save perfect looking pictures. Mobile performs these tasks with the help of camera software algorithm. After the task is done the pictures are saved in jpeg format in the memory card.

Raw files generally have a lot of data, thus the size of this image is larger than what it is saved on the device.

The only advantages of this technique are photos are adjusted without losing its quality and are saved finally.

There are many apps in the play store which ask you to save the pictures after shooting them. It allows you to make many changes before saving the pictures. Its an example of post-processing techniques in mobile photography.

Google pixel is the best example of a smartphone in this regard. It has artificial intelligence and machine learning which allows it for processing the post-processing technique.

Finally, you understand the highest megapixel camera phone only is a myth behind having the best quality pictures. The main roles are played by others which you know by now. Now, you understand and hope you’d consider above things while looking for the highest megapixel camera phone.